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App Controlled, Color Changing, and Permanent!

Celebrate all occasions with the iFX Permanent Light System

Call or Text 801-867-0642 for a bid or quote

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The iFX Light System is new, innovative, and permanent for your home or business. Custom
built and color matched to your trim. While discreet and nearly invisible during the day,
Permanent Lights will change the way you view your home or business at night.


Choose any color or pattern for an everyday lighting experience. The iFX system was created
to be discreet, encased in an aluminum track color matched to your home. With the option to
build your own lighting pattern, you can enjoy your lights for any occasion.

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perm lighting 1.jpg

What is RGB

The term RGB comes from the initials of the 3 additive primary colors: red, green, and blue.
These 3 colors combined, when varied in intensity, have the ability toproduce over 16 million different colors. RGB lights are a type of lifestyle lighting as they are relevant and to be enjoyed year round.

Call or Text 801-867-0642 for a bid or quote


•Standard 8” Spacing
•IP68 Waterproof Rating
•Energy Efficient LED Lights
•IOS or Android App Controlled
•Over 16 Million Color Options
•50,000+ Hours of Use
•330 ft. Linear Runs
•Seamless Installation
•Customizable Programs

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